Optimize your business with Powua orchestration

IT Governance and Infrastructure Management


Master your hybrid cloud environment

Powua allows large enterprises to implement private or public cloud, mixed configurations of Hybrid Cloud, and supports all service models, including SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Powua supports all the major virtualization solutions and offers the innovative ability to integrate, in the hybrid cloud, resources located in your infrastructures with resources located in the most important global cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VmWare and Google Cloud.

Deliver apps, services and infrastructures to your users

Users have access to an online catalog with software and solutions ready to go. Having access to Powua with different permissions, they’ll choose infrastructures and services they need and start using them for the time they need. They don’t need to involve IT anymore.

Automate resource provisioning to allocate and reduce costs

Costs’ control and resources’ allocation is now much easier. IT Department can chargeback any department for their consumptions and implement a provision system to plan investments based on accurate data.

Deploy self-service catalogs for your users

Through Powua online platform, the IT department is now able to upload all the available resources in a web catalog where all the departments have access according to authorization.

Monitor and analyze your complete infrastructure and work force

The CTO has now a complete full control on software and infrastructures distributed within the organization. With the implementation of Powua for its internal infrastructure management, his department is saving time and resources previously dedicated to distributing and configuring services and infrastructures within the organization. Processes are now streamlined; IT department is now efficient, and costs are properly charged back to each division.

Leverage AI to predict and contain issues

Powua delivers diagnostics on usage, utilization, and cloud cost with machine learning powered optimization.
Powua uses AIOps to predict hardware disruptions, and to forecast work overload, multi cloud drain and lower costs by 30%.
With few clicks Powua can show details on VMs, containers, and public clouds; with few steps it's possible to resize app components and set power schedules.


View E-book

The e-book illustrates the trends and concepts of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure based on research from Gartner, Forrester Research and the Milan Politechnic Observatory.