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IoT Orchestration


Collect real-time information and trigger actions through actionable insights

Powua IoT Orchestration Platform integrates data from your existing PLCs and sensors, as well as from ERP and historian data sources. Additional non-intrusive sensors may be introduced to broaden data collection. Data is securely extracted using the most common protocols, or your company’s preferred industrial data connectivity protocol.

Minimize downtime costs and predict failure patterns with predictive maintenance

Our Predictive Maintenance tool is an industrial operations software, designed to be used on the shop-floor by the maintenance and operations people who need to keep things running smoothly and ensure that unplanned downtime stays down.
Users get an intuitive digital twin HMI to visualize and analyze the performance of their production line processes and assets. By drilling through the digital twin – with smart factory dashboards and alerts at each level of the digital twin – you will quickly pinpoint performance anomalies and their root cause.

Process your IoT data efficiently with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For more advanced data analytics, teams build custom dashboards with actionable insights powered by machine learning and model-based AI. Insights are generated with the analysis of millions of data points from machines alongside historical data on machine failure, repairs, operating conditions and maintenance requirements. This allows operations managers to predict failure, identify performance anomalies, and perform root-cause analysis.

Manage devices remotely and optimize maintenance through remote monitoring

Powua is the only solution that offers scalable predictive maintenance. It uses machine learning to perform condition monitoring and prognostics analysis, without requiring deep pockets or a team of expert data analysts. Driven by Industry 4.0 / the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial operations are increasingly autonomous. Factories contain numerous sensors that provide real-time data on the status of production and machinery to optimise operations. Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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