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Cloud services and app management


Create your own marketplace

Build a direct online sales channel with flexible billing models, a high potential for new revenue streams and increased ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). Thanks to Powua, companies can offer their software and services using innovative commercial policies based on pre-paid or consumption patterns. Moreover, through the console, they can independently manage software and services displayed on their stores and catalogs. Cloud Providers and Application Service Providers monitor data consumptions, performances, and billing of services through the Powua console.

Make the cloud work for you

Multiply services and solution offered with high transparency without complexity. Providers and Telcos can set a different billing model for each product and service with maximum flexibility. End users will receive commercial offers based on a “pay-per-use” model that reflects their real needs and allows them to pay only for what they use. In addition, Providers and Telcos will monitor and manage consumption for each product and service purchased from their catalogs and will be able to set spending limits per user or per product/service.

Deploy self-service portals for your customers

Easy access to SaaS and IaaS offerings without the need for specific technical knowledge or external expertise, through a streamlined and integrated Sales approach. Our Orchestration Platform enables a Self-Service Cloud to deliver services and products on-demand. Powua plays a strategic role in shifting toward cloud computing. As a web software engine, it makes available powerful and flexible APIs to measure consumptions and performances of any software and service. Powua receives SOAP calls, tracks all the open sessions, and converts this information in billable data.

Deliver services and applications at the speed of light

Transparent and automated configuration of services and applications with immediate delivery through a seamless delivery model. Powua, the Cloud management platform, assures that the right end user has access to the solutions and resources they need at the right time. Through the pay-per-use model, companies will optimize their return on the IT costs.


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