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The e-book illustrates an exhaustive vision on innovative multicloud and hybrid cloud scenarios, with data and studies from the Milan Polytechnic Observatory, Gartner, and Forrester Research

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Key Points

  • In 2018 the Italian cloud market is worth € 2.34 billion, up 19% compared to the final balance for 2017, amounting to € 1.97 billion

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    Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic
  • Hybrid Cloud Management is a tool, or a series of tools, that integrate into different cloud platforms to allow the management of costs, performances and security aspects

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    Forrester Research
  • Today in Europe the average of cloud providers used by companies is almost 5

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Key factors of multicloud management

Reduce complexity

Managing multiple cloud services and internal data centers involve many critical issues for IT administrators, like the need to master different management tools, containers and orchestration platforms from different cloud providers. The multicloud management platforms are able to shield this complexity through unified management consoles that streamline the work load allocations and provisioning.

Self-service capacity

Initially developed by telco companies and service providers, allows you to quickly enable or activate customers with the services they need, developing an ideal interface between the users of a service and the underlying technologies. The request for a service, such as for example access to an application, is automatically translated into the series of steps (allocation of virtual machines, network bandwidth, storage space, installations) required to initiate the service. In the logic of self-service, the users have a catalog of IT services they can select according to the department or job function, and therefore the ability to activate the services on their own without worrying about the learning complex technical details.

Monitoring and measurements

Among the key features of multicloud platforms there is the ability to control the internal infrastructure and third-party services providing the measurements needed to verify the contractual SLAs, but also to evaluate the consumption of services in relation to the associated costs. The consumption control helps to optimize resource utilization by moving workloads among diverse clouds and on premise infrastructures. In the case of service providers and large organizations, these capabilities can be integrated with accounting systems that invoice the services or overturn the costs on corporate departments. This is extremely critical since IT becomes more and more an integral part of the product and corporate business.

Multicloud orchestration

The Observatory wants to identify the core components of the ideal centralized orchestration suite for these type of environments. The Observatory defined a reference model with four primary areas, and within those areas sub-areas are identified:


Centralized and automatic management of diverse environments a company usually uses (public and private cloud, on-premises)


Orchestration of integration between the cloud, on-premises and private environments, as well as between public cloud and diverse providers


Security management between heterogeneous environments


Government and optimization of the overall system performance

Discover Powua

Powua is an innovative Cloud Management Platform that empowers Large Enterprises, Service Providers and Developers the opportunity to activate new Cloud services and to manage their provisioning, metering/monitoring/management and billing/chargeback. Powua is geared towards organizations that need to implement Private/ Public/Hybrid Cloud. It also addresses needs of Independent Software Vendors, Internet Service Providers, Cloud Providers, the Public Sector and institutions like universities or associations. Powua supports all service models, included SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).


Ermanno Bonifazi

CEO, Avantune

"With Powua, we redefined the models and capabilities of the self-service approach"

Paolo Lucciarini

Chief Technology Officer, Avantune

"Powua finds application in complex realities, where there is more need to standardize corporate IT services in the face of growing heterogeneity of public and private infrastructures"


IoT enablement platform


Cloud Management Platform


Powua for video surveillance


Cloud Orchestration Platform


Avantune is leader in self-service cloud. Thanks to Powua, the cloud self-service development platform, and Genialcloud, the self-service business solutions suite, you can reduce and eliminate the complexity and costs of infrastructure and technology resources, make organizations faster and more flexible, enable people to remote collaboration.

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